Friday, March 1, 2013

Evening Day 4 and Day 5

Last night was soccer carpool, and I have a definite routine when I drive. During practice I "run errand" a.k.a. shop.  I know its a horrible job but someone has to do it.

There is a routine to my shopping, its generally one hour every  4 wks that I have completely to myself. Usually I hit the drive the Dunkin'  or the Golden arches for Coffee then find myself wandering around a few goofy stores or the red & white bullseye.

So during a 21 day Reset where you don't drink coffee I was less excited about my evening. I loooveee Coffee, not in the I need caffeine or I'll kill you kind of way, in the way some people like good wine (which I also like but we were talking coffee) the smell of coffee will drag me the opposite direction in a mall/store etc. Also if you serve awful coffee I veto you for the choice of restraunts my family chooses for breakfast. Sorry, thats just the way it is.

I am happy to report that I survived an evening left to my own devices I did not cave to coffee although I thought long and hard about it while I got stuck at the light that sits right in front of the drive thru Dunkin'.

The sleepiness is wearing off as well, I didn't feel the need to curl in a ball by 10pm last night which is a good thing because our ever sleepless dear little S wasn't in any hurry to get to bed last night and definately had no thoughts of staying asleep most of the night or sleeping in this morning.

Day 5 started early, although my plan through this reset has been to get up at 5am everyday do have some time do get through things, and once the reset is complete it will be my workout time again.  This hasnt been a great sleeping week so 6 has been the earliest I have managed and today it was pushed to 630 but EVERYONE WAS UP!  That actually worked ok because it was oatmeal for the reset breakfast and my 2 little ones love a big bowl of warm oatmeal, the real stuff no packets, the hearty cooked on the stove stuff of the pioneers. It was also a good thing because I really needed the energy for house cleaning day.
Lunch was fresh and light and I was able to share it with a friend. Lime lentil salad and a microgreen salad. Dinner tonight was quinoa and stir fry veggies. Also super tasty. I have had a few sleepless nights and seems that tonight is going the same way so I have a bad case of the munchies. I drank some green tea and I'm ok really craving some sweats.

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