Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Not your Mothers Mushroom!

If you are the child of hippies, I am not talking about that mushroom. I'm talking the Salisbury steak, fungus growing in the ground, that my Great Grandmother once picked of the lawn of LA arboretum and just ate. She literally stepped off the tram, I feel like just before it started to move walked into the grass ( I think they frown upon that) picked it dusted it off and ate it.

Back to my point....

Do you like mushrooms? Because I really don't, well not raw on a salad, or in cream of mushroom soup, or in anyway that my Mother or Grandmothers tried to make me eat them as a kid.  One of my BFF's makes the best covered in steak sauce and butter mushroom side dishes( and now I really want summer and grilling), or possibly on a pizza where the grease kind of masks the taste of fungus,  but these are  not really part of my clean eating routine these days.

All those mushrooms tossed aside like the good little fungi they are, cannot compete with the super powers of the Reishi Mushroom. The even better news about this powerhouse mushroom is that you really do not want to eat it! hmmm... You say? All the reading I've been doing suggests that it tastes like well chewing on plywood.

Why do you want to eat a mushroom that you can't really eat that tastes like wood? To summarize what it does in one word:


Really it does. Full of antioxidant properties, and an immune system booster this powerful Shroom can lower blood pressure and Cholesterol. Not to mention lessen the affects of seasonal allergies by acting as an anti-viral, anti-inflammatory by inhibiting the release of histamine. Doctors in Asia have been using it for memory loss, chronic bronchitis, and list of diseases that effect the elderly.

The best part is that I have been using it for over a year and didn't even know.  My coach challenged us this week to look up some of the ingredients in Shakeology this week (yes I had homework ) and I went off of the beaten path a little to find a little lesser known superpower. This is just one of the many fabulous ingredients, and I could have elaborated a little more, but I know when I read blog posts, even from my favorite blogger its generally over a cup of coffee or tea, in a period of the day when I need a break from either the chaos or need to refresh my brain for a moment to go back to work with full intensity. So I left it shortish, but if you'd like to know more I'd love to share!

Happy Hump Day!

~ B

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