Phase 2 Day 1...

...Which is day 8 without Coffee. I'm focusing on that tonight because I have a spltting headache. Its complety unrelated to caffeine it feels very sinusy but it still well annoying.

The rest of the the Reset breakfast consist of fresh fruit which is so yummy and fun to share with the kids. Lunch today was a big Microgreen salad shared with a  friend and I tried a new dressing today the Creamy Garlic! YuuuuuUmmmy! I may not ever have another dressing again, its also friend approved!

Dinner was Steamed veggies and quinoa pilaf, yummy but nothing exciting.  I had to switch around things a  bit because in all my meal prep fun yesterday I missed a few ingredients so i went with what I had ready on hand.

I still feel energized and loving life without, caffeine, or any pills to take away aches and pains.

All in all its a good day, the sun was shining bright this afternoon and i was dying to go for a run so  I think I will hit up the Y tomorrow for a long walk. Not a very exciting post today, but maybe thats because its feeling like a new established routine, I just need to work on getting up a little bit earlier.

'Til tomorrow~



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