Phase One Complete!

Seven days done! Its dance party time, maybe a little harlem shake action in the house.  I'll save everyone the sleepless night from that image and just pat myself on the back a little more.

Phase one in the Ultimate Reset is called reclaim. You rehydrate by drinking the appropriate amount of water per day, slowly removing meat and dairy. ( I was pretty certain that I have lactose issues, now I'm certain of it!).

The fog from lack of caffeine on Days 1-3 is completely gone. Its a crazy feeling to just wake up and feel energized with needing to do the zombie walk to the Keurig. ( Don't worry I do miss coffee, I just love the smell!)

Yesterday Day 6 was Crazy! K had his last basketball and C had her final indoor Soccer Match in WV and I haven't had a chance to see her play this winter, we juggled to get it all in. So eating a very specific diet was a little challenging especially since I didn't have alot prepped for travel and eating on the run. So my day consisted of this:


Baked Tempeh - I need to try a different brand I really thought I would like it, umm ya not so much.

1 slice Whole grain Ezekiel bread & 1/8 of an avocado, which  just mashed onto the bread like it was spread and that was super yummy!

Lunch - Lentil Lime salad

Both breakfast and lunch were according to the plan. The rest of the day I really had to improvise.

Snack- 3 stalks of Celery with pb - still an option for the Reset

Dinner- I had shakeology, perfectly portable and able t drink in the car! Shakeology is generally recommended for snack on the Reset and I've also read for breakfast but I didn't have any really portable ready for a road trip.
As you can see not really alot of food, so by the time we were home I was STARVING, pretty much ready to eat my own arm, this was my own fault but it was late and i didn't want to completely sabotage my progress. So I drank some green tea hoping it would help and when it didn't I caved to a string cheese and a handful of raw almonds.

Day 7

You can imagine I WAS STARVING! So I was actually thankful for the early morning risers today, and excited because today I said goodbye to oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast. The next 2 wks breakfast will predominantly consist of fresh fruit which is fabulous because I love fruit and it will remind me that summer is coming(not to mention my 35th birthday, egad) and I have a goal in mind.

* Since I began my Beachbody Journey Oatmeal real old fashioned stove top cooked oats, has become a staple for breakfast. I am quite sad and it will probably be the first thing I eat in 15 days*

I spent the morning prepping for the week, Sweet potato & Red pepper soup, Roasted vegetables, chopping salads, I even cleaned a Costco size container of grapes and portioned it out for the entire week of kids lunches & snacks along with a few other things. I guess this is the burst of energy I have read about will Reclaiming your body.

After everything was cleaned up it was closing in on Lunch,and it was an amazing quinoa salad. I will be bringing this to every spring/summer party we go to! Yum, Yum Yum!

Dinner was pretty simple, I have learned over the last few years that for my family it is absolutely a must to make extra of things for quick reheated dinners. ( if you say the word leftover in my house its like saying, homework, or chores, or walk the dog, is this just my family? ).  So there were a few things to reheat  the kids had the black beans & rice I had the stir fry and Quinoa.

After dinner we went to visit with friends to celebrate a birthday which was my first attempt at socializing through the reset. No beer, no wine and no birthday cake or ice cream. I didn't even lick my kids spoons or forks!

Over all I feel like it was a pretty successful week. I do miss my workouts though, and I'm not sure how I'll survive this week without the previously mentioned oatmeal.

Tomorrow is the start of Phase two which is called Release. No more animal products or dairy as mentioned and a new supplement is added called Detox which is supposed to restore your GI tract to optimum health. Its seems to be a lot of fruit and avocado. I'm thinking shakeology will be my saving grace the next 2 weeks. The energy I'm feeling from just the first week is great so I can't wait to see what happens next!

Happy Monday Everyone!



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