Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My very own Transformation Tuesday!

To all my readers ( there may be 10 of you!) Monday got away from me, well actually a not feeling so well 2yr old needed Mommy by her side from sun up to sundown.

So here I am to share with you all the infinite wisdom and knowledge I gained during the last 23days. Yes the reset is only 21 days, but I plan on following the program for awhile, while slowly adding things back into my diet.

Before I share with you my results let me summarize what went on during the Ultimate Reset:

What I ate: Good healthy whole foods. Fruits, Veggies,legumes, whole grains all cooked at home (love my Kitchen!).

What I did not eat: Nothing processed, weeks 2& 3 no dairy, no meat, week 3 no grains, legumes.

My Routine: Wake up drink 12-14oz of water, take my supplements wait 30minutes. Eat breakfast. Wait at least 2 hrs. Water and supplements, wait 30minutes eat lunch. Wait 2hrs afternoon supplements wait 30 minutes snack if necessary I probably averaged afternoon snack about 1/3 of the process. Most of those days were the last week and my snack was either Tropical Vegan Shakeology or Chocolate vegan Shakeology definitely killed the sweet cravings!  Then I waited 2 more hours took the last supplements of the day and then 30minutes till dinner.
Generally by this time it  closing in on 7 and I was done with food for the day. The first 2 weeks I was really OK till the morning. The last week quite honestly I was a little hungry and did find myself mindlessly throwing a bit of the kids evening snack in my mouth.

What I learned:

About Me:
Some of this I began to realize about myself over the last year, but was really evident during the cleanse.

Hello, Emotional eaters anonymous? yep me over here!

Anytime a particular stressful event would occur during the week I would want to raid the pantry. And had there been any jars of chocolate fudge frosting around, beware i would have killed it!

But like the picture that always floats around face book. I am not a dog, I do not need to reward myself with food.

I also realized that the moments I feel that way are generally wrapped up in feelings of my own shortcomings and failures, so its personal sabotage. Calling Dr. Laura, Helllooooo!

Roasting red Peppers on a gas stove is really fun!

About my family:

Its been said by many, but if you get the kids involved in the cooking, shopping and preparing, they really will try pretty much anything. (husbands included!)

Beets, Plain Greek yogurt with fruit drizzled in agave nectar, roasted cauliflower, spinach.

About our Grocery budget:

Planning out your meals really makes your $$ stretch!

And finally the best part ~

My results!

I did not drink coffee once in 21 days, and it really didn't bother me one I got through the first 4 days of detox, if that's a coffee detox God Bless anyone getting clean of anything else!

Its day 2 post reset, and I haven't caved yet, put I'm planning on it soon! I won't drink as much anymore, but I just really love coffee.

I drank a gallon of water everyday, I carried my gallon jug everywhere much to the chagrin of my family. I will continue to make sure I get my water intake!

I will no longer eat after 7, period, your digestive system is a muscle it needs to rest just like all your other muscles.

and finally....

In 21 days I dropped a pants size! Hello to all my size 6 clothes hiding in my closet (and to all the new ones waiting for me at the mall!)

Lost 4inches, not as much as I had hoped but in the places I was hoping!

and 10lbs!  which puts me almost to my goal weight which I should be at by May 1st! yikes public accountability!

What's next:

This week I am getting back into a workout routine and doing the 5 day inferno plan from Turbofire, if you like high energy and love to sweat I totally recommend this program. I am also running to see if a half marathon is really a possibility this May.

I love the natural energy I have now, even more I love that I have a healthy stomach. I'm pretty certain that this process has brought to my attention a gluten and dairy sensitivity. On top weight loss my hands are not swollen, and sleep soundly without a cramping stomach.

So what's next for you?

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Cyndie DeLucia said...

Wow, Your are amazing! I have been so down and in a funk lately, but now after seeing you i think I am back in it! I am so happy for you and I am so amazed at your transformation! WAY TO GO GIRL!!! Keep up the Amazing work!

Love ya