Weekend Wrap and on to Phase 3!

I survived, but just barely!

Next time I do the Ultimate Reset, I will not do it during my kids birthday season.

Saturday was K man's birthday. We did go out to eat and I survived, vegetable stir fry relatively harmless, I switched my shakeology for and early dinner time because it was just crazy with family in and getting ready for the party. The rest of the day was relatively easy to skip the cake and snacks, because as any Mom will tell you it was just busy and not a lot of time for me to think about the food.  Saturday was in the bag, I was feeling amazing and incredibly proud of myself and even posted so on the Ultimate Reset private closed facebook group I am in.

Then Sunday happened.

Its was gorgeous! Like 70 degrees in March in Pennsylvania gorgeous out. I had zero interest in prep day, or grocery shopping for the few things I needed to move into Phase 3 and the most restricted phase of the reset!

My family  was enjoying the remaining food from the party. Pizza, Cake and soft pretzels.

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE PIZZA!  Seriously I'm pretty sure pizza was the main reason I was a chubby 13yr old girl, and I know that if I let myself I could probably eat more pizza then Mr. Mancave and our 3 children combined.

Then there was cake, with whipped cream frosting another one of my favorites, and I will admit I did on Sunday have a bite or 2 of the frosting,  I....JUST....COULDN'T....HELP...IT!  AAAAgggghhhh! I felt like that picture of Lucy screaming at Charlie Brown.

And then it happened..... that dark wave of depression crashed over me because I just couldn't hold out.

But Monday was another day! Phase 3 began and I am 7 (now 6) days from having completed the reset, but it won't end there.

Phase 3 is the most restrictive. Fruits and vegetables, the end. small portions of grains are permitted if you really feel you need it. I'm trying to go without. I am a little bit hungry today and wondering if I'll crack this week. These first few days of phase 3 I am a little tired I'm told that happens and that my energy will pick back up in a few days.

The food has been amazing, there are a few things I didn't care for but there are so many more that I will incorporate into our normal monthly menu!

I'm excited and nervous for next week to come when I weigh and measure, I know I have lost but I don't think as much as I had hoped and I have no clue about the inches.

I'll leave you with a picture of my yummy refreshing breakfast this morning.

Happy Tuesday!



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