Workout Wednesday

During the Ultimate Reset it is recommended that you do not workout, daily walks to get fresh air, but the weather here was so awful outdoors was only possible one day. The third week your calorie intake is so low any workouts would have been difficult.

This week I am back in action and feeling so energized! I did start slow and not really go hard or with full intensity on Monday, because I am still eating a mostly vegan diet. Yesterday and today, because it is WORKOUT WEDNESDAY I was feeling so good that I just had to go 100%!

I'm still unsure as to what my next 90 day workout commitment will be so this week I am doing the Turbofire Inferno program. Its a 5 day fat blasting workout and it comes with 5 days of meal ideas (again I'm modifying for the vegan diet). I want to keep up the moment of inches and weight loss from the reset and change is the best way to keep from hitting the dreaded plateau!

My goal all along has been to get back into my long ago routine of 5am workouts, I haven't made it there yet this week but I did manage to get it in today before my youngest 2 were awake! Workout, shower and ready for the day not having that loom over me for the rest of the day A-MAZ-ING! Getting some work done this morning and then I'm taking the rest of the day to spend with my kiddos the next few days will be a little crazy here so just getting some much needed one on one time.

Last but not least the one thing I know you all want to know -


 Strangely, I haven't I want some, not in a deranged I need a fix sort of way like I felt after the first few days in a I miss my old friend sort of way.

But I do have a new obsession, Blueberry tea! I tried it at our local Cafe and it is so amazing and refreshing even in the hot tea form, with a little agave yum, yum!

Need a quick energizing workout today, but don't know what to do?

Try this- and have an Amazing Workout Wednesday!

~ B


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