Saturday, April 27, 2013

Are you ready?

Summer is coming, if you are ready or not!

I"m not just talking about bathing suits, bikini's and smaller amounts of clothing. Yes that happens also, but what I'm rally talking about is time. Real, valuable quality time. No matter what your stage of life is.

Are you young and single?

 Summer means great time with friends, meeting new people, maybe a new job, a new town. How do you feel? Healthy, strong, confident?  Or are you exhausted, worried, and unsure?

Parents with young children?

Summer is running around, taking them to see new things and yes *gasp* probably involves a bathing suit at some point.  Can you handle it? Or will work and playing with your children leave you feeling like a zombie?

Parents with school age children and teenagers?

 Well to you I say good luck! Haha seriously though, sleepovers, amusement parks, camps, friends in and out. Will the summer leave you feeling like you made the most of it or realizing you are aging before your time? 

In less then 60 days you can make a significant change to your energy, sleep patterns and be ready to make this the best summer you, your, friends and family will remember.

Stop skipping meals and running out the door on Zero fuel, try shakeology and see what a difference all natural superfoods can make! Then Give yourself a natural boost of energy by getting in a short workout, many of the programs have workous that are less then an hour!

Make 2013 a summer to remember!

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