Monday, April 1, 2013

"Stop Saying That"

Or Alternately titled.....

Week one Insanity Review-

I did it. Really my entire goal for this  week was to complete every workout each day of the schedule. I did.

Confession time- This is my second round of Insanity. My first round, sucked. I hated Shaun T. Yep, I said it. Really-truly-hated- him. I couldn't do really any part of the warm-up (Ha warm-up? my warm-up is your workout)  let alone the workout.

But Now, OMG! I did it! 6days last week, and day 1 of week 2 today. I freakin' Did it! I sweat like a pig, and I actually have knees again. I won't be to prideful to admit they had disappeared for a few years, some highly respected family have told me its an Italian thing.

I may have gotten over my the Hate part of my Love hate relationship with Shaun T but a new member of family has developed one.

Miss S, is not a fan. One morning last week while working out, she is usually my workout buddy no matter what time of the morning I workout, she's also not a fan of sleep, another post for another day. Anyway, during one rotation we were doing basketball jumps, a little ironic I realize after the game yesterday, Ouch! Anyway, again, distracted much, you ask? Yep, that's me. So really we are doing basketball jumps and Shaun T is Screaming at me "get up, get up" S turns from her task of building a tower with her blocks stands up looks at the TV and Shouts "Stop saying that"...... Yep she even gets it, and she was sitting nicely not even breaking a sweat and she's annoyed.
This week I am really working on "digging deeper" focusing on my eating a lot, as last week, was off with the holiday. Shakeology is really a necessity for me during insanity, I've been drinking it for breakfast about an hour before my workout, and  I'm finding myself craving a bit more protein, which adding in the PB2 has been really helpful, yummy and much less calories then traditional nut butter.  Hoping to get in a few runs once the kids are back in school and since Mr. Mancave (aka the carnivore ) is traveling for part of the week, I won't feel quite so guilty with a mostly vegan diet. I am still incorporating quite a few of the recipes from the Ultimate Reset,
 I really feel fantastic since I did it and there is some exciting news about it that I can't wait to share this week! So stay tuned!  Tonight I'll leave with my morning breakfast recipe.


My Favorite (right now) Shakeology Recipe
Tropical Strawberry vegan Shakeology
1 packet
4oz water
2oz almond milk
2oz Oj
2 Tbsp PB2
Try and sip not chug, honestly hard not to its Delish!

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