You want me to eat what?

Also heard as:

"I only like what I like", "My family is picky", "My husband only eats red meat", "I like to eat out", "how do you go out and have fun?" "I don't like fruit/and or vegetables".

Raise your hand if you have heard these things, even better if you have said them?

I have.


I have.

Even though nutrition has been a hobby of mine since I was 17. I get into a rut and fall of the wagon. For years I had stayed away from Soda (or pop for my Pittsburgh friends). Then about 5yrs ago I fell for it, again. The syrupy sweet goodness, (no diet crap for me oh no give me the fully loaded sugar version!) yes I new it cleaned the rust off of car batteries and works great for cleaning rings out of toilets but I needed it!!!!

So I started by cutting that out! Then I was pregnant and cut out the caffeine anyway and that made it easy because I was taking care of my body for my baby, right?

But why don't we take care of bodies for us? To be around for our babies babies?

Its hard, right? All the above objections are still their lingering in our minds.

Start small.

Baby steps.

The change that helped me the most? Your thinking exercise right? Nope.

Heard the phrase abs are made in the kitchen?

Its really simple, Listen to your mother! Gasp! What??? Hey I'm almost 35, she's gotten smarter as I age! (love you Mom!)




Your body needs fuel to get going, if you wait until 12 or 1 to fuel it or start at 7 but only fuel it with caffeine and sugar. Its not going to do much.  I could stay thin and skip breakfast at 25, it wasn't healthy, but I did it. At 35 though? not so much. Metabolisms' start to slow, you need to get it moving.

So you want to make a change but are completely overwhelmed?

Start small.

Eat Breakfast!

My top 5 go to breakfast:

1. Shakeology

2. Ezekiel bread with all natural Peanut butter or Coconut oil (yumm)

3. Poached egg with 1/4 avocado & salsa (pick a salsa with the least ingredients!)

4. Whole grain pancakes (on the weekend its my splurge my kids love our weekend pancakes) with real maple syrup or a drizzle of agave nectar or skip the syrup and spread a little all natural peanut butter.

5. Oatmeal (old fashioned not instant packets or quick cooking)  with Greek yogurt, berries, chopped apple, cinnamon so yummy

My challenge for you in the next 5 days pick 2 and replace 2 days of breakfast in the next 5 days. See how you feel. I bet you'll be amazed!

~ Brandee


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