Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I finally feel like I can fly.... Again.

It has taken me every bit of 5.5 yrs.

But today I felt it.

The passion, the desire to push farther then I did when I finished.

The love joy and somewhat psychotic freeing theraputic feeling that is running.

I had it once, then my body gave out on me in ways I didn't understand, you can read that story here. After that I sort of stayed away from running the way people stay away from driving after a bad accident.

But life is so different now and so I have ventured out to feel the love for something that carried me through all of my twenties.

The reasons I finally feel like I'm ready to conquer the ground beneath my feet again is for so many reasons. For quick reading I"ll narrow it down and share just two:

#1 My family: I want them all to experience a deep passion, for something and keep it going through their lives
#2 Beachbody: Yes the workouts, Shakeology and the fantastic people I have met are a huge part of that, but honestly its more then that. As a beachbody coach personal developement is strongly encouraged, and I can't tell you what that has done for my thought process and been a huge part of where I am today.

On my goal board was to run the Pittsburgh Marathon this year. Didn't happen - But congrats to all that did!

My heart was in the right place early on in the year and then poof it was gone. And then


(Mom & Dad please disregard that sentence as I am still trying to work on you for how wonderful Pittsburgh would be to spend your retirement)

  I'm truly not sure if it has yet as we have had frost most mornings this week. Anyhow-

Spring arrived, and those crisp cool mornings with everything in bloom (thankfully I don't suffer from seasonal allergies) I just had to run.

So I dug out the jogger that I had just told Mr. Mancave I was going to sell. Strapped in the sleepless toddler and decided to find out if I could really get my running mojo back.

*Full disclosure-Things hurt at nearly -gasp- choke-cough-ahem- 35 - that did not at even just 28.*

The first few runs, were short slow and well slow. Then I'm not sure what happened, but it just happened, maybe its my mental clarity, maybe the cross-training from P90x, Insanity, Les Mills pump, Combat & turbofire over the last year have given me back my strength. Or maybe its because my new running partner sits contentedly in the jogging stroller shouting "go faster Mommy, I like the wind"....

Most likely its a combination of those things. All I know is that when I pushed the jogging stroller into our neighborhood for completion of my run this morning, I was sad.

Not because my time was slow(it was) or because my feet were sore (the were - runners of the world if I tell you how old my shoes are you might beat me with yours!) I was sad because I was done. And for the first time in more then 5yrs I ended a run knowing I had more in me.

So my question for your to ponder tonight is,

Do you have more in you? Not just for your workout, for your life? Do you go to bed at night feeling like you could have done more? Smiled more, Laughed more, hugged your kids a little tighter. 

Maybe it is your workout, could you have done those last 5 push ups so that tomorrow you can throw your toddler a little higher, or help someone with yard work, or maybe even just help a loved one get out of bed because there bodies have given up on them but yours is still going strong, or could be with just a little effort.

My day is ending, and i'm exhausted, and I'm sure you are also, but I feel good that found my wings again.

Can I help you find yours?


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