Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Memories~

Memorial Day Weekend! The unofficial start of summer, although not feeling quite summery as its only 41 degrees as I sit here this morning.

What do you want to remember about this weekend?

I'm guessing you'll say, parades, picnics, visiting with friends and family and  making memories with your kids!

Probably not on your list of fun things to remember, bloating, digestive issues, headaches, and not being able to zip your favorite pair of pants on Tuesday when you had back to your normal routine.

Summer foods can be the most amazing fresh flavors of the year. Picnic foods can also be some of the worst choices we make.

Some tips for surviving a weekend of sporting events and parties:

Bring the food you want to eat! Don't let yourself be at the mercy of what may be served.

Just because its called "salad" does not mean its the best option.  There can be a lot of empty calories in those "salads". Stick with fresh greens and veggies, and homemade vinaigrette dressing. 

Fruit is fabulous~ avoid the cookie and brownie and lemon bar table.

Drink Water!  For me the biggest pitfall I face during picnics is time. We visit and hang around for hours and have a blast. I'll make healthy choices during the official mealtime but then you wander, visit with people and make new friends and eventually make it back to the food table. I'm not hungry but its something to do. I bring my favorite water bottle with me and pretty much keep it in my hand for the day. This way its always in my mind to drink it.

1 drink = 1 water! Summer cocktails can be yummy and fun way to be social with friends and also loaded with empty calories and sugar!  Remember the old rule of one glass of water for every adult beverage you enjoy.

Let the focus be on the memories created, the reason we celebrate and not the food and Tuesday you will wake up with the joy knowing you started the Summer season with healthy habits!

~ B

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