Friday, May 24, 2013

My weekend make and take!

Yes we will be going to a few parties this weekend.

And yes. Much to the disappointment of my children (and Mr. Mancave) I will be taking something yummy and healthy.

Honestly I have been waiting for warm weather to make this again. (Honestly I'm still waiting it will not be warm here this weekend.)

My honest to goodness favorite forever recipe from the Ultimate Reset.

4 cups cooked quinoa (this will give you 8 1/2 cup servings) (amazing how I can still do math!)

4tbsp EVOO or Himalayan salt to taste

4 tbsp. fresh lemon juice (do not skip this part such a nice fresh flavor!)

8tbsp fresh minced parsley ( I feel about parsley the way my grandmother feels about cilantro I suppose this also has a nice fresh flavor but if parsley touches my plate I'm not eating )

4 tbsp. fresh mint leave

2 large ripe tomatoes diced and seeded (removing the seeds will keep the salad from getting mushy)

2 cucumbers peeled and diced

8 tbsp. chopped pittsed Kalamata olives ( if you are choosing to add salt to this recipe please wait until after you add the olives as they add IMO the perfect amount saltiness to this! )

Now here comes the really difficult part, are you ready? Are you sure? You may need help its not a 1 person job.... so go and grab a helper.....

and by helper I mean someone under the age 10!

Toss the Quinoa with the EvOO & lemon juice, gently fold  in parsley(if you must) and mint.

Then and I promise this part comes straight from the ultimate reset recipe book-

Dump in the rest and stir!  well maybe not quite worded that way but its that simple.

Then if you can wait chill for an hour at least before serving!

Now if you have a lot of self control you can make this a little more decadent and toss in some feta cheese.

My problem is that if feta cheese is near me I tend to eat more of then I actually add to the recipe.

Enjoy! You will be hero of the party and you can pat yourself on the back a little for bringing something so yummy that is sooooo good for you!

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