Back to you Shopping!

Yes,yes, Summer is just beginning, technically.

But I am going to say it.


 The stress, fear, and anxiety it brings to parents, especially those with teenage daughter! Can the shorts and skirts really get any shorter?

What if this year, instead of shopping just for the kids, you would need a whole new wardrobe along with them!

In just 60days,by changing 1 meal a day and following a workout eating program, joining a challenge group and leaning on us for support!

Imagine how you would feel walking in to all the meet the teacher nights, orientation, meeting and driving the soccer carpool?!

A whole new you! In 60 days Body combat and I can help you totally transform yourself and ready for that back to you shopping spree in August.  Anyone that orders this challenge pack over the weekend, and completes the program will be in the running for a gift card to their favorite store to start off the new wardrobe! Contact me for details!


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