Friday, June 14, 2013

Calling all BFF's! - Ladies only -

Sorry Guys this one is not for you!

Just the ladies, because we like to do things together. Mani/Pedi days, shopping trips, girls weekends ( I am still looking for a group of ladies to do this with!). Then we have kids. We make sure to put our kids in preschool together, sign up for dance, gymnastics, soccer, baseball together.

Then of course there are the classic trips to "fix our makeup" or restroom breaks together.

So here it is my 2 week BFF Challenge!

Have you been thinking about maybe possibly trying Shakeology? Not ready to commit to 30days but are ready for more then a 3 days cleanse?

Grab  a friend and split a month. This is honestly the best month to try it, because this month for just $10 more  you will also get Les Mills Combat. Not ready for a home workout program yet, that's OK, gift it to a friend or family member, or try it for $10  the cost of 2 "coffee drinks" you have a 60day workout program!

So grab your BFF instead of meeting for Coffee and bagels meet for Shakes and Kickboxing!

Message me for details!

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