Have you been uncomfortable lately?

This popped up on one of the Team Beachbody pages today and really spoke to me. This really sums up my fitness journey.                                                                                        
I was the cardio queen! Still might be just a little. That's what had always worked for me. I had never focused on strength training, sure I had "lifted" a little with Mr. Mancave in our days of focusing on fitness together but honestly I had no idea what I was doing.
So in 2011 when I began to be completely disgusted with myself, I thought ok time to start running again. Its always worked for me before it will now, right?
Ya not so much.
I started with Insanity because it was CARDIO super hardcore CARDIO.
Not much happened. My attitude was major player in the reasons for my lack of success. I expected to do well because I "loved" cardio. The reverse happened.
So my next try was P90x. Friends, family and random strangers told me I was crazy. "Are you doing the lean version?" I was asked many times. Nope, straight up traditional P90x workout schedule. Weights, push ups, plyo (no pull-ups because we didn't have anywhere to install a bar- I will have one soon in this house! ).
Guess what happened?
My mindset was different. I knew it would not be easy. I knew I would have to fully commit not miss a workout, because if I did I would be that much further behind and it would be that much harder!
It was difficult I would have preferred sleep on many days, but in the end it was so worth it. This was just the beginning for me and have lost more weight and inches since I did p90x but all the inches I lost from my flabby post baby mommy arms, which totalled 8inches in 90 days came from p90x!
All because I was willing to be uncomfortable, now its your turn.
Are you ready? Don't pick the workout you know you can do, pick the one you know will change you! Not sure what that is that's why I am her to help!
~ Brandee


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