Friday, June 7, 2013

Just a personal note of thanks...


This post will not contain any mention of fitness, health or clean eating.

Just a personal reflection on where I am in my life.

First of all I will warn you I am an emotional mess. I just turned 35 and I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. Back in a time when I was more of a dreamer and planner I thought 35 would look different for me. Not better just different, however there is no time for a pity party I need to get back to planning dreaming and goal setting for the next 35yrs. Really, I have big plans!

Our sweet baby girl is not a baby anymore. Fully a toddler bordering on preschooler, speaking in full sentences with definite likes, dislikes and full of personality, not to mention potty trained to the point where she no longer even wants me in the bathroom with her. She is my cuddle bug still in the mornings and at night and promises she will be my baby even though she is a "big girl like sissy".

Then we have the original princess now entering her high school years, and well my bleary eyes won't even allow me to say much more about this. Other than I love watching who she is becoming and the solid group of friends that she has from many different aspects of her life.  She has grown into a wonderful sister (most days) and my go to girl for mani/pedi primping days!

Finally my little man, finished first grade!  Kaden had an amazing teacher this year! I couldn't have hand picked a better match. But beyond that the time effort and energy she put into the class  (and it was not an easy class) was just beyond anything anyone could ever expect. I know that many teachers do this and when you have a child that is a traditional above the curve student its easy to take for granted.  Probably because she had very little to do with her own family and I'm sure she was never crazy busy (please read this with extreme sarcasm) She constantly sent home pictures she was taking through out the year and then to top it off she sent home this amazing slideshow documenting the entire school year set to Jack Johnson's we were meant to be friends, which is one of my favorite songs when I think about my kids.  The time she took to make all the kids feel special and important will not soon be forgotten. Especially for the one's who were never made to feel that way in there younger years.

So thank you Mrs. R you have made a lifetime impression!

Now on to summer and making more memories! We hope you do the same!

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