Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Review of Vanilla Shakeology.....

even though you didn't ask for it and may not really care, well your reading my blog so you get to read about it anyway! So ha!

(yes this is a sign that aside from coaching people back to health & fitness I spend the rest of my time with children)

Anyway - lets go back to my beginning with Shakeology. When I started it was Chocolate and Greenberry.

I love Chocolate so that was an obvious start for me. If you look through my blog you will not find me raving anywhere about the Greenberry. Nope not once. It was not my thing. It has since been changed and although I have been hesitant to try it that flavor is also on its way to me and my review of the new improved GreenBerry will be up next week, so stay tuned!

Back to vanilla- like I said I love Chocolate, I used to get the whole give me chocolate or die craving before Shakeology so I was never one of the people that requested vanilla as the new Shakeology.

I have, however always enjoyed a really good, real, vanilla, vanilla bean ice cream. You know the kind with the brown specs so you know its real actual vanilla, the kind that smells so heavenly and peaceful as you take the smallest bite and let it melt over your tongue its like instant bliss almost making you forget that its 7:45pm, dinner hasn't been cleaned up, 2 of your 3 kids haven't bathed in days, your pretty sure you left the dog out in the rain, and your phone is blowing up not because people love you but because your teenager isn't answering her phone so her friends are now calling you. You know that kind of day?

Ya its that good. I ripped open the single serving packet and it smells like being in a field of Vanilla, not Bath and Body vanilla lotion but honest to goodness Vanilla. You can see the flecks, the brown little flecks. Here is where I went all geeky, I had the kids smell it and even with no food coloring, artificial flavor or sweeteners they loved just the smell!

Then we added 4 oz of water, 4 oz of almond milk, and lots of crushed ice, yum-o. Next because we all shared the first one, not because I'm that nice, but because I was afraid of the masses, I am out numbered 3 to 1, next, we made second one. Again water, almond milk, ice(extra ice on request from my teenager,  but then we added an entire banana, just to be a bit decadent ( generally we use half) and omg it was A-MAZ-ING. Seriously- I will freeze a few servings tomorrow and it will be my summer dessert! 

Tomorrow I will try it with just Ice and water, but I already know it will be just as yummy!  So do you want to share this fabulous little bit of goodness?  Just ask!

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