Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What does 25 minutes mean to you?

In 25 minutes you can accomplish___________________________  ?

The mancave house, during crazy sports seasons' or school, or work schedules, or uncooperative toddlers, teenagers or last minute get together, 25minutes is my life!

Call me right now and tell me you will be here in 25minutes (hopefully I'm home, which has not been a lot this week) and I can get my house cleaner then it has been since the day we moved in!

Also 25minutes can be the length of time I spend waiting for a primping teenager to leave the house for soccer practice, during which I can feed my two younger children, clean up dinner, leave a plate for Mr. Mancave, put the dog out let the dog back in, pack my Shake for dinner to drink on the way to the fields, check in with my Beachbody challengers and be on my way.

All in 25 minutes. Which is less time then the round trip travel time to my local gym, so a 25minute workout gives me back 1hour and 5minutes to put all the things I love back into place!

Does this mean I will always just workout from home? No I love to be outside, walking, running, biking. Some days are better then others, today was not one of those days.

My older 2 kiddos are at VBS this week at a Church connected to our local park with great trails for running, walking,biking, rollerblading. So I loaded everyone in the car dropped them at VBS  grabbed the stroller and just wanted to do a quick 20minute/2mile run. It was a beautiful morning and I am still doing Brazil butt lift so I was just adding this in because I love the outdoors.
I am completely embarrassed to share the picture below but this is what happened to my 20minute/ 2mile run:

Honestly I could probably hop on one foot faster then this "run". Here is how it started out, my running app congratulated me at the .5mile mark saying it was my fastest pace. Great, I thought, it really was a beautiful morning, breezy, a few clouds, awesome! Then it started, Princess S dropped her wand, we had to find it, then she needed a potty break (newly potty trained you don't mess around with that request) thinking we were good to go after that started to run again and then I hit a bump with the stroller. Thats when all the time went out the window. Hitting a bump in a jogging stroller is not really a big deal, shock absorption is great, except when the said princess is holding a water bottle that she just removed the cap from. Then you end up with a soaken wet, pretty unhappy toddler, think mad wet cat. At this point my time was totally out the window but I had purposefully parked in a location that required us to at least walk back to the car, which we did at toddler pace because the stroller was also soaked and not very comfy for sitting in for the rest of our trek bac to the car. 
So my 20minutes turned into nearly 30 and I still had to get home, shower, and change a now soaked, crabby 2 yr old.             
That's my story, whats yours? What would it mean to you to have extra time in your day and feel a small measure of succes knowing you woke up with purpose and started your day giving back to yourself so that you could be the best you to help others the rest of the day?                                                          
Focus T25 would have really made my day today, and I can't wait to start! The T25 Challenge group starts on July 15th! I'd love for you to join us!                                 

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