Confession TIME!

SO last week I posted about our vacation and how I ate crap, and drank too many calories.... Here is the part I left out- Ahem- Gained 5lbs. Yep. Not proud, came home feeling like crap and my clothes fitting not so comfy. Started my new workout program that is 25 minutes 5 days a week and called Focus T25 last Monday really watched what I was eating (and had a few cocktails) and a week later those 5lbs from vacation? Poof! GONE!!!!! pHEW! I was scared worked hard to get that stinking weight off it was difficult to not emotionally fall into a tailspin. Here is what I learned though this- I really did watch what I ATE for the most part on vacation I had my few planned cheat meals, but I do that at home also and don't pack on the pounds. What was the difference you ask? Drinks- #1 Not enough water- pretty sure I was chronically dehydrated, from all the activity and chasing after kids. and probably the biggest culprit #2 Calorie laden sugar filled cocktails, which then added to #1. I know the rules, one drink = one water, didn' follow them. But oh how I will from now on! This TIME I will Kill it! T25 results will be awesome! Care to join me? ~B


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