Monday, July 1, 2013

Its go time!

Time to lock it down, turn up the heat and go!

Two weeks until our family beach vacation. This is our tradition, we have been doing this since C was 2.

This will be the first time in 7 yrs that I will be comfortable, in a bathing suit. I'm still not exactly where I would like to be. So I'm really locking down my eating this week.

No Dairy, no sugar or sweetener (like agave nectar in my green tea yum!), and no wine, or margaritas.  - Although I did have a fabulous Margarita at BRGR last night, hmmm, maybe just one margarita this week..... Ahhh, nope not going to happen! Its go time!

But really and Most importantly for me..... Ahem -

Nothing will go in this mouth after 7pm. Do you hear that ? NOTHING!!!!

Possibly my greatest accomplishment through my journey with Beachbody has been giving up the late night snacking. Summer is K-ill-ing me.

Kids are up late, meal schedules are off. Last night we didn't even start making dinner until 7! Not this week. Its all getting locked down.

I'm technically doing another month of Brazil butt lift, but I'm switching it up a bit this week, skipping the cardio for a few runs but still doing the sculpting & ab work.

I'm still working on my meal plan a bit need to add a few things to it. Did all the shopping yesterday not feeling inspired about my meal choices so it may change, but here is my start:


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