LAST CHANCE (for this price) WORKOUT!!!!!!!!

LAST CHANCE WORKOUT!!!!!!!!!!! In my mind I'm chanelling Jillian Michaels as I'm screaming it, but my subconsious is telling me I'm not quite that cool, or was that my teenager? Hmm.... So really honestly this is it. Tomorrow this awesome fat burning, sweat inducing 25 minute 5 days a week workout will cost you 25$ more then it does today. Honestly this is a public service don't tell me I didn't over you the best deal. This is it. I will still be here tomorrow doing T25 and telling you how awesome it is to be done working out before Henry Hugglemonster,Sofia the first, Johnny test or Ninjago are over! (or before the teenage one makes it from her bed to the bathroom when I wake her up for the 3rd time). Tomorrow it will still be awesome. Tomorrow awesome, time saving workot will cost you $25, which is a family outing to the movies for us on 5$ movie monday at our local theater, or the cost of a pair of shoes during back to school shopping during the bogo 50% off at the national chain shoe store. Or the cost of school supplies (ok not quite but omg I love shopping for school supplies, new pencils pens an crayons, sigh, its a happy place). So there it is..... Save $25 on a home fitness program use $25 for family entertainment or use 25$ for shoes or school supplies.... 25minute workout, giving you hours back in your day? Priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~b Message for details must be ordered by Midnight ET!


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