Monday, July 22, 2013

Mancave Vacation Wrap-up

We did it! Our (almost) 15th year of Mancave Beach trips. r The first one was just the two of us. (Raise your hand if that song is now running through your head, your welcome!) This year was 20 of our closest family members - 10 of which were kids. Three of them ours. Crazy. It was a great vacation full of family, fun and sun. Also peppered with an ER Visit, a near concussion from a boogie board, and a 2yr old that completely detest car rides and gave us a tour of every bathroom we could stop at on the 14 hr (should have only been 10.5) drive home. There was also swimming, walking (lots of walking, loved the location of this house easy stroller walks and a short walk to shopping and restaurants) but most importantly for me there was running, running and more running. Running on the beach is complete nirvana for me. Has to be early morning, thanks to my Dad and one early morning walk at Pismo Beach years ago, its just my happy place. Unfortunately no one else in the mancave shares my joy of early morning runs, well Sofie loves early mornings, so maybe she'll be my running buddy in the future. Last but not least, I know what you are actually here reading for, there was eating. CONFESSION~ I ATE CRAP! Full disclosure~ I had a donut (1/4 of one because it was the best freaking donut ever and although I wanted to splurge and eat an entire donut even my 2 yr old realized it yumminess and grabbed it and ran fast and far away as to not share with mommy) I had a slice of pizza, a Flounder po boy sandwich (fresh caught not far from the restaurant -again yum) Birthday Cake ~ When Nana who is 87 travels with 19 other crazy people and their noisy messy kids/families, I'm pretty sure its the law to share in her birthday cake. (even if I was having my own tantrum that day because my children were driving me nuts) And Margaritas~many margaritas. There was also Shakeology everyday- my little bullet blender traveled with us, I did not eat the above bad crap everyday I managed my splurging the best that I could. ~ Bran

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