Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vacation Survival~

Please stand up and raise your hand if you manage to make it through vacation without blowing your eating habits or exercise routine? I'm guessing thats most of us. Generally we vacation with family or our vacation is to visit family (sadly no visit to California this summer- love you!) We are leaving in just a few hourse for our bi-annual beach blowout with cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents from 4 states. Its Crazy. Loud. There are tears (and not always just from the kids) and I Love it! Beach generally = running for me, well running and eating. I love to try new places on vacation. For example there is supposedly a fabulous donut place on the pier where we are headed and I purposefully dropped a few more pounds just to try them out. I will eat a little junk on vacation, and I will enjoy it and I won't feel quilty about it. But I won't eat so much junk that I kill my new and immproved digestive system or feel like a slug when we get back. I will be successful on this trip do you know why? The difference from this year and years past will be that I have a plan. and ~ I have Shakeology! It will be my go to breakfast, and I will have my staple of apples and almonds for my snack. I plan on running alot, sticking with T25 avoding all the ice cream parlors (easier now that I know dairy is not my friend), and eating lots of Seafood! yummmmm! Its July most the biggest vacation month so Where are you heading? What is your plan? Need accountability? Add me on facebook I'll coach you through vacation and we can chat when you are back about the changes you want to make! Don't want to wait until August? I will be working full foce on Vacation don't hesitate to contact me now! In the meantime! Happy Surfing! ~B

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