Monday, July 15, 2013

What you asked for, but not really..

A few years ago I started to blog, mostly about the mancave family. I had a few readers, mostly family. Then just short of one year ago I began to write about my beachbody journey. The number of people reading or at least looking at my blog has increased dramatically. So this tells me people are interested in health and fitness. Certain topics have had more readers then others. Vanilla Shakeology has been the most populer post I have ever written. So you are interested in Shakeology, Vanilla is an intriguing flavor, and you are interested in nutrition. Today I am asking you the reader what would you like me to write about? Recipes? workouts? Challenge groups? I am closing in on 10,000 views which is a milestone for this blog and I'd like to get to 20,000 in a much shorter amount of time, but I need your help! So How can I help you? ~ B

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