The empty seat

Tomorrow I will blow up blogger, facebook, IG, and my closest unsuspecting friends phones with pictures of my kids on their first days of High School and Second grade. The first day of Preschool pics will follow next week. Today though I need to recognize the empty seat on the bus, the empty desk in the Kindergarten classroom, the missing school supply list from my pile of papers. Carter would be starting Kindergarten this year. K-man would be a great big brother walking him to his classroom on his first day. I'm not really sure what other words or thoughts I have, I just wanted him to know that we haven't forgotten.


Dad said…
I am with you my dear daughter. I miss him also and you were with him more than anyone. Your joy and sadness were at both ends of extreme. I am still amazed at your strenght and astounded with your ability to share that with your love ones and to strenghten them. You make me extremely proud of the women you have become. Love you - Dad

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