Just in case....

You haven't been made a blubbering mess from a commercial, I'm going to share this with in hopes that you too will find this heart wrenching!

What is it with commercials?

Why oh why must they go for the tear jerker moment?

I was having a moment anyway, drove the first carpool for my little man tonight and listening to a car full of boys is a new (and loud) experience for me and it kept a smile on my face for so many reasons.
Then I quickly ran home to head to the High School for a meeting about the Chorus trip next year for the original princess and I still can't quite wrap my head around her being in high school and the need for a Homecoming Dress.
Finally tomorrow the little princess has her first official day of preschool!
and this is what was came on the for the few minutes I sat down in front of the TV tonight.... 

and I guess what I really need to say about this commercial really comes from my heart for families and adoption and the very last line in this commercial, yes they are selling clothing but if you or anyone around you has ever considered adoption, and has questions or concerns, its really just as simple as opening your heart and that one final line spoken in this commercial.... and no they are not paying me to say this...


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