Monday, September 30, 2013

There are how many days left?

Another month has crept away. Strange how this keeps happening. I have not been a good blogger, and true confession- yep here it comes, not a dedicated workout girl either. And yes the rest of my words will all be excuses, I needed the break. I didn't completely stop working out, and didn't let my eating go in the crapper either. I just mentally needed more sleep. Getting into the routine of this school year with my kids has been a tough one. Navigating the waters of High School Schedule with our oldest, working with our son for whom school does not come easily and I am in touch with a thankfully incredibly supportive group of educators almost daily, and now making sure the early childhood education for our youngest is exactly what she needs. And to all the Mom's out there - That get up everyday and leave your house and go to work, and to the Mom's who are on there own because of a traveling or deployed spouse, and to the Mom's who are on their own because there is no one else its just you! You are all my heroes! Hold your head high don't judge yourself or let yourself feel like others are judging your for the lack of gourmet meals, perfectly made up face, and impeccable wardrobe. The year is slowly ticking away, something like 90 days to go!!! Really why does this happen every year the time just seems to disappear! Its go time now! What would you like to accomplish by years end? What support do you need to make this happen? We all have our struggles and need to learn to lean on each other for support!

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