Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year!

Crazy how fast time seems to be going. Some days I just wish I could freeze time. I was however happy to get through the fall. Transition to school for the Mancave kids was a little tough this year. So much so that we are definately looking at other options for next year. Instead of being a great example on how to deal with stress and tough situations and showing my kids that I could still work hard on my goals and accomplish things in the midst of struggle. I basically shut down. That was not on my goal board for 2013! There were plans, and me myself and I only chose to give up. So now here I sit in the first full week of 2014 looking at my Goals for this year and I am determined that I will stick to them. Don't get me wrong as a family we had a good year. But me personally - I set out to help more people take control of their health and fitness, teach them how to feed their families on a budget, build a team of likeminded individuals and get myself back to long distance running! How about you ? What are you goals for this year? What can I help you with? Lets do this together!

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