Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day mayhem

It's officially Mother's Day as I write. 

It will be a beautiful sunny day tomorrow and possibly Pinterest perfect for all the moms that perfectly prepare and  plan and post posed pictures. 

Pretty positive it won't be that way here.

Don't get me wrong ~ we will have a great day ~ my littlest has been planning all week, the 2 oldest were secretly creating projects behind closed doors which turned into a secret sleepover ~ which makes my soul happy because I know at least a little I've done something right and they love each other, at least for tonight. 

There will be no amazing photos - I've given up trying - the three age groups we have make every photo perfect for awkward family photo site. 

But it will still be a day like any other, and that's ok because it's another day I get to be their mom, another day I get to try and figure out this mothering thing to be better at it to help them become good humans. Because the ultimate goal is not to raise good kids right ? Childhood is fleeting ~ the goal is for them to become good people ~ to create a positive Influence on those around them. And even on the bad days with any luck and crap ton of prayer it will all sink in, the life lessons will be learned and they will know they are loved. 

I'm certain that my kids will fight about something tomorrow, because parenting a teenager trying to navigate her own life, a son who has hurt in his soul that I cannot control, and a preschooler that doesn't want to miss a minute of anything (unless of course it's sleep ) is sort of like being a superhero, if I could only find my cape or figure out which power is mine. 

The one thing I know for sure is that these three beautiful kids of mine were given to me/to us to do our best with and  that is really all I ever wanted. 

~Happy Mothers Day 


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