Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Buckets, what do we do with them?

If you look around your house, yard, shed, garage, will you find buckets?
 If you have any laying around do you fill them or empty them? 

Do you add to them to enhance the look of your home/yard or do you fill them with lovely things as gifts for others?
I have many many empty buckets (well flowerpots) because I"m afraid of what may happen or what I may need to do if I fill them..... hmmmm.... 

 These are all the thoughts that quickly went through my squirrel like brain as I was sitting in meet the (fabulous!) teacher night.
 Why Fabulous? 
Oh I'm sure she's great at reading, writing and arithmetic. - Squirrel thought
 - The fact that I said "arithmetic" does that make me old? - 

ok back to the point. Again I"m sure she is fabulous at the important stuff. The fabulous part for me ?
 She is teaching the kids to be bucket fillers. Yep, I said Bucket Fillers! 
 How....Awesome.....is...that... As in fill another persons bucket, make their day, make them smile, and then she said don't take away from other's buckets. Yep, pretty fabulous, and amazing. Because yes the smart stuff matters, and being good kids matters, but they need to be good grown ups and if we don't teach them as kids to fill buckets well then maybe the smart stuff doesn't matter. This seems to be a theme I have encountered frequently. In many, many aspects of my life. Conference for my away from home work teaching gymnastics to kids, or in my work with Beachbody its all about helping others to reach the potential they are capable of - you know fill the buckets! Even at church this week (and the first time we went all summer) the sermon was on stopping negativity. Then I thought well if we aren't fueling our bodies (the buckets we were given to live in) with good stuff, then we are left feeling blah, run down and no energy to fill up our own buckets let alone be any good to those around us. I felt so inspired by her, and then a series of boring events gave me anxiety about my children's school day and I proceeded to be the bucket thief!
 Yikes, talk about quick loss of feeling uplifted. 
 So I decided - My next challenge group isn't going to be about - working out - oh we will get fit. We will drink Shakeology, talk about how it helps our daily health and read a good book I'm debating on which one at the moment but it will be personal development for sure, but the getting fit part will come in our mental fitness, creating a better outlook and how to pay it forward. Then We will work our way to nutrition and learning about healthy/clean eating. Then we will graduate and the best part teaching others what we learned about how to become a bucket filler instead of one who empties buckets.

Interested ? do you know of some buckets that need to be filled or is yours in need of being filled?  Join us! September 8th!

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