Sunday, August 31, 2014

Do you like deals?

The unofficial last weekend of summer!

Its already feeling like fall here!

I cannot believe we are entering the 9th Month! That means I'm that much closer to being the mother of a 16year old. Yikes, lets not think on that any longer then we have to shall we?

Ok, so Labor day weekend, many people hit the outlets, big sidewalk sales, for those that have started school already you may be finishing up the school wardrobe. Those who start on Tuesday if you are anything like me you are just starting, right about now....go!

Well what if you do a little shopping for yourself as well! What a better gift to yourself then to feel better, have more energy and maybe have those favorite jeans fit just a little loser! Can you imagine?

Ok so here's the deal the first three people to check it out by 9pm tonight (in honor of the 9th month)

This is what you will receive:

Can't pass up a deal? Drop me a line

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