School ? Fall ? Really?

The last few years, this part of August always seems to sneak up on me. School is around the corner, and I just feel like there were still so many things still on our summer bucket list. And lets be honest I'm not sure I"m getting around to them this year! One thing I will say as much as I love summer I love routine, and we are not good with routine in the summer. This fall will be a little different for us as we have chosen to have a few less activities for our kids so the crazy rush of sports will be a little less then normal. Truly I am conflicted about that but hopefully we can enjoy the fabulous fall of Western Pennsylvania a little more. That my goal anyway. The other goals? Well - those stay the same but I am going to laser focus. My weight loss Journey with Beachbody has been amazing, however I have been of track a bit and did not quite hit my original goals so I am energizing and hitting reset on my goals and I will hit them before the end of the year! Do you have goals you have put on hold all summer? Are you in need of a better routine? Lets do this together! Two and half years ago I decided to give at home workouts a try, I was skeptical, negative really, but now I'll never look back, and I became a coach to help you do exactly the same!


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