Pumpkin, Pumpkin Everywhere...

This may shock you.... I am not a huge pumpkin fan. Yep I said it, I know its #PSL time of year and everyone was so excited about it being released early, but me not so much.  The boys in my house (this includes my husband and son- the end- they are seriously out numbered by girls, even all the pets are girls!) they love pumpkin pie for Turkey Day, but thats about the extent of our pumpkin love outside of carving and the local pumpkin patch trip every year.

My younger two however have become obsessed with baking, and cooking. On a recent trip to my favorite bulk item store, Sofie kept asking for muffins, muffins, please can we have muffins, so I thought ok lets go home and make some! It is something I love to do (just ask my mother and grandmother how many messes I made in their kitchens as a kid/teenager/adult lol, but on our journey to become a healthier family, with clean eating, I have really struggled in the baking category. So I really just haven't done it much. Dinners, breakfast & lunch, I can whip up a healthy meal that everyone loves (well mostly) pretty fast. Most of my baking attempts have been a pretty epic fail!

Until now!

Mini pumpkin muffins - 3.5 dozen gone in 3 days! The best part is it was a quick easy recipe, we whipped these up while working on homework.

I recommend the mini muffin pans, purely for portion control, although you may have to chase down your children who have grabbed handfuls of them directly out of the baking pans while they were cooling!

Hope you enjoy!

~ B


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