Simple Changes can bring success

Sometimes its as simple as saying to yourself "Right  now I'm going to start!"

Don't wait for a Monday, what is it with Monday's anyway? We either make Monday this magical mystical day where every new change is going to begin and we will have all the power to do everything we have ever wanted to do, or......... We loathe Monday like a baby trying green peas for the first time, making a face spitting it out and flailing our arms about like we can make it go away.

Yes I'm writing this on a Monday, but you change any day that you choose. If you are reading this on a Wednesday and you say "Monday I will start eating healthy.", or "Monday I will start reading personal development", you have lost so many days already that by the time you reach that next magical Monday you could have already reaped the rewards of starting when the thought first entered your mind.

As parents when we ask our children to change a behavior, we never tell them to change next Monday, do we? I know everyone has different parenting styles, but I've never heard anyone say to their kids, "susy please stop poking your sister, but don't stop until Monday". How crazy would that be????

If you are considering starting in my next challenge group but are on the fence, make a change today pick one thing and change it for the next 7 days and see how you feel. You will be amazed!

Just like the message I received over the weekend -

How much did she lose you ask? Keep reading.... 
The best part about this is not that she lost weight, that part is absolutely amazing - the exciting part is that she has the tools already in the pre-season week prior to us actually starting the full program. She began to implement eating clean, being active minutes a day, Making better choices, and guess what in 7 days..... 7.5 lbs gone forever!  That was in the pre-season week. Today we actually started the full challenge workouts and portion control. She is on Fire and I cannot wait to see what the next 21 days brings! 

If you have not yet joined a challenge group, don't wait until the day you decide to chose one. Start today. Make a choice today to something better then you did yesterday. 
If you would like information on my next group starting on September 22nd send me an email we can chat about what would work for you! 

~ B 


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