The Story behind the story... Part 1

Nearly 3 years ago a good friend called me up and said "hey I'm doing Insanity, do you want to do it with me?" and thats where my Beachbody Journey began.

But not my health and fitness journey.
That story has been  more then 20yrs in the making.

Picture this, an awkward teenager feeling like an ugly duckling. A goofy school dress code when I had yet to discover my own sense of style, not skinny but not fat, lets go with chunky. In place where skinny blondes, movie stars and beach beauties in my teenage mind seemed to rule the world.  I had a tough time building relationships with people (again in my mind ) and I related all of these feelings to the shape of my body at the time.

Part of my family genetics, is pasta, I mean Italian. So starving myself really wasn't an option, that would be noticed, but bulimia, well no one would notice or care about that, or so I thought. Eventually a teacher and friend helped me get the help I needed. I started the road to recovery.....

.....Never realizing it would be something I would struggle with well pretty much always. The road to healing for me was to learn to cook, and choose a way of eating that made me feel better about myself and more in control. So I became a vegetarian, and my loving parents (especially my Dad maybe the true creator of the baconator) Ate many a stuffed  acorn squash or veggie pancakes.

I followed in my fathers footsteps and starting running and bike riding, and took my first group fitness classes at our church in the form of step aerobics! Some days were better then others, but it was the true beginning for me of learning and knowing the power of what we put into our body has over our mind, body and spirit.

This was just the beginning though, and how I didn't realize that my college plan at this point should have been in the form of Nutrition, exercise or social work, I'm not sure, but I'm so happy to have found that road now.

If you know someone struggling, help them, ask questions, don't look the other way and assume the don't want help. Be the help!

~ B


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