Thursday, October 23, 2014

A New Mancave must have!

Three kids, a picky husband and one tired mom.

Eating dinner out can be a little bit of a challenge for us. There are a few places we like as a family, a few places the kids like that is only a mom treat, and a few that they like to go with Dad.  That said we really do not eat out often, I direct you back to the first line.

One Day last weekend however, the girls and I went for a quick dinner out while the boys where at Console Energy Center cheering on the Penguins.

We tried a new flat bread that looked really yummy. My oldest said I bet we can make this..... hmmmmm I thought ya, we probably can.

So my next trip to Costco they happened to have NAAN bread. Not necessarily the cleanest choice, but its also not pizza so we gave it a try.

A few Ingredients that we usually have on hand that you would need for this:

Chicken - chopped into bite size pieces.
 I usually buy 1 Rotisserie Chicken per week, cut up and use it for a few different meals/lunches a week. Its just one of the ways I make meal prep easier.  I have a great recipe for Clean Chicken salad that everyone loves maybe I'll share next week.

Spinach - Big bag of organic Spinach - give it a quick chop so when you bit into it you are not getting a string of spinach hanging out of your mouth.

Homemade Balsamic Dressing - so easy and yummy and you know that the ingredients are fresh and healthy.

Shredded Cheese -

The how to:

Drizzle the balsamic dressing in a saute pan, toss in the amount of spinach you think you need then double it! Spinach cooks down quite a bit so i always end up needing to double or triple the amount i think I need.

Drizzle more balsamic on each flat bread (make it look pretty, restaurant style, this always makes my kids like things I make a little more.)

Load on the chopped chicken, sauteed spinach and a sprinkle of shredded cheese turn your oven to 350 and place them on a pizza pan in the oven for 15-minutes or under the broiler if you like things a little crispy.
I suggest making extra, as I did so that if you happen to work late you can come home and have one for snack, although don't plan on it, because i tried this last night (yep I was eating, snacking late, but its just so yummy I really wanted it) as I was taking one bite other people realized there was one remaining flat bread and it was quickly stolen from me.

So like I said, Kid tested husband approved, even in the man-cave!

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