Monday, October 6, 2014

Shakeology Sunrise!

The weather changed here quickly this weekend, making everyone really want to stay snuggled in under the warm blankets this morning.

Even a friend at my son's school was telling him to wake up as I dropped him of this morning.  I could have easily plopped myself on my couch with a warm cup of coffee and not worked or worked out this morning.

Instead I picked up my favorite Shakeology recipe and just got going.  I'm not sure about you but food for me and my family growing up was always about celebrating something or just a way to spend time together by going somewhere to try something new or just for the social event of eating out.

I remember going to get an Orange Julius with my parents and grandparents as a child and it was the only one in our area in Southern California and it was also at least in my memory the only ice skating rink I had ever been to prior to moving east!  So anytime I have ever had one of those drinks it brings back memories.

So you can imagine my amazement when I first started drinking Vegan Tropical Strawberry shakeology and my first thought of the flavor was of family memories. Yumm!

 Heres my recipe:

1 scoop or packet of Vegan Tropical STrawberry
1/2 banana
splash of oj
splash of almond coconut milk

 Try having a case of the mondays after drinking this ! Its not going to be possible! especially if it can bring you back to a special place in time!

Do you think you might want to try a little bit of this sunshine ?  Fill out the Application below and I will get back to you and tell you how!

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