Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Power of a simple smile.

The end of last week quickly went downhill and became crazy.

We have worked hard to create calm in our home this fall. It has seemed to really benefit everyone. Sometimes though things just spiral and there is nothing you can do.

Sick Kids. Two parents with abnormal work schedules (not a typical 9-5 in our house) an emergent trip to the dentist, sick pets. None of these things were catastrophic, just challenging.

Then Friday arrived and my kids were looking forward to seeing cousins at a Birthday party. Visiting family requires planning as neither Mr. Mancave or myself are from the Pittsburgh area. I prepped planned and was ready to roll. Two happy kids in tow ready to party with their cousins.  Jumped on the turnpike and drove happily along for maybe 10 minutes then everyone fell asleep.  Then about 5 minutes later, Traffic....Completely.....Stopped.....Moving..... and stayed that way for over an hour.

Both kids were asleep so I took this time to listen to some Beachbody Podcasts focusing on how I can be a better coach at helping people achieve their goals. Focusing outward on others really helped to keep me calm and besides sleeping kids, it was like a mommy time out that I hadn't planned on that day.

Then one by one the kids woke up, and we were still sitting at least moving slowly by that point. Kids trapped in a car excited to be somewhere that we were now an hour late for and it was clear we wouldn't get there anytime soon.  I stayed calm so guess what, so did they, My  nine year old son and three year old daughter stuck in a car barely going 5mph, they were happy. Singing even. I couldn't believe it. Even when the semi wouldn't let me merge and I really felt the road rage building I just let it go.... (no frozen reference intended! ).

Eventually we did arrive and as we exited the turnpike (if you do not live on the east- we pay to drive on the freeway- that's an entirely different post in itself!) and I payed the toll (no I do not have EZ Pass not sure why really we just don't!)  I smiled and handed over my ticket and money, for most people that would have been that, however as my husband and kids will embarrassingly tell you (thanks Dad for passing on this trait! )  the conversation didn't end there, I SIMPLY SMILED and said "HI" truly that's all I said. To which the woman who apparently had not encountered a friendly person in quite some time (construction, accidents and a 9mile back up of traffic prior to that exit) She looked at me and my kids and said " Why in the world are you so smiling after sitting in that mess?" To which I just simply responded, "Why Not?"  She continued the brief conversation and said "God bless you and your children you made my day!" Simply because I smiled while I handed her two quarters.

2.5yrs ago I might not have been able to add value to her day. Was I a cranky mean person? No, but I did (and still do just a little less I hope)  have the tendency to let circumstances drive  my emotions, choices and time management.  So this journey for me has been so much more then weight loss and getting fit, and that simple 45 second conversation just but it all into perspective for me.

Do you need a smile today? or to find a way to find the positive where you are today? Lets chat!

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