Sunday, November 9, 2014

In the blink of an eye!

Four year ago today our family was complete! 
After I said "we don't need a baby"! 
After one cerclage, modified bed rest, weekly injections, the most amazing team of doctors at AGH and West Penn, with a fully staffed OR prepped and ready for whatever this not quite built to birth body gave them they were prepared. 
The last four years have been amazing crazy sleepless stressful and so fun and have gone by so fast. When we sit as think about where everyone will be in another four it's a little too much emotion for me. 
So today  "Baby Soapie" as Kaden always called her - is four not to put too much pressure on her but she really did bridge the gap with her 2 siblings that had no idea how to be a brother or a sister and she will never know life any other way. 

Happy Birthday Baby girl! Always shine bright!

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