The best Christmas..... Yet!

I really wanted to say ever... But I feel like that would be limiting the belief that we could achieve that again. It won't be the same, I know that but I will strive from now on for the same feelings of togetherness, joy and peace that we experienced this Christmas season. 

Ever since Caila was born her birthday has signified the start of the new year for us with her birth came a new life new beginning and once we celebrate her birthday each year it feels like ok let's get his year started ! 
So I'm a little late on the reflection but here it is anyway.

What made this year so magical ? 

Time - for the first time in our family life we were all home, no school or work for anyone the entire Christmas Break! 
No schedules, or rushing. Late night movies, midnight snacks and shopping Mario kart races and karaoke showdowns.

Ages and stages - 

I  am an only child, and we raised an only for 12yrs before we became a Party of 5 Christmas morning is quiet and quick, Christmas with  3 crazies is SO NOT QUIET and it's so awesome! 

The first few years of the party of five the age gaps made things a little separate !  girl things, boy things, baby things. This year family nerf gun battles I must say are pretty awesome. 

Peace - for so many years I didn't feel our family was complete and probably missed out on the magical moments those years held, I am trying very hard not to miss anymore and just savor every moment because it goes.... So.... Freaking.... Fast...

Along with all of these emotions came a tiny bit of sadness that keeps creeping in on me no matter how much I try to stomp it down!

The reality is I may not get another Christmas like this. A driving working teenager preparing for college, no guarantees of a long break from work for mr. mancave and I next year. 

Even so, I truly hope at least one of the kids again declares next Christmas "The Best Christmas Ever!" 

Happy 2015 May this be your best year ever ! 


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