Who are you ?

Four years ago when I started trying to lose some weight, it wasn't about a bathing suit, vacation or really even getting back a post baby body, it was just about feeling comfortable in my own skin again. 

My journey into motherhood has always brought with it this crazy antiquated notions of who I am supposed to be or who I should be or more legalistically who  I can't be or what I shouldn't do. 

Do I look like the right kind of mom, do I dress like the right kind of mom, stylish and trendy but not too trendy. 

So four years ago post the craziest whirlwind year of becoming an adoptive mom and giving birth while teaching our then 12yr old only child daughter how to become a sister, and surviving a layoff as a single income family, I decided I needed to feel like me again whoever that was. 

I tried going to the gym like I had always done, it was a challenge with our new larger family, somedays getting the kids into the playland was more of workout then I actually got from being at the gym. I tried running which I formerly lived doing more then anything but the extra weight made this a bit uncomfortable. 
I'll leave a for more pieces out for now but I eventually found Beachbody and challenge groups and that crazy online support community really helped me in so many ways ! 

And it has again led me to a great group of woman supporting each other - 
It's not just about being or getting skinny - it's about developing a network of support for wherever you are in your life today - and taking those people with you on the rest of your journey ! 

Do you need to find your people ?
Your lobsters ?? 


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