The Man Behind the curtain....

Those of you who have survived all my years on facebook and blogging intermittently know so much of our life. Although I have tried to paint a much clearer picture than just the highlight reel, there is only so much you can share that people will actually read about without blocking or unfriending, right? You are all here still, right I think?? Buhler, Buhler ???  

So today I need to take you behind the scenes just a little….

Nearly twenty years ago I met a boy. He smiled and his eyes lit up the room, he had the tightest circle of amazing friends, that he still has to this day.   More then that however he was driven and set out to accomplish a list of goals I had completely given up on even considering. Then and now he operates on less sleep than anyone I have ever known in my life, because he has the drive to see things through to completion. This is about the boy who quickly became the man I could depend on, that never gave up on me, who has held my hand, through some painful, awful, amazing crazy Shit!

He has supported me through so much, crazy job changes, marathon training, nursing school, the crazy mood swings of infertility drugs, hormone injections, too many surgical recoveries to count,  not too mention held my hand through unimaginable grief we pulled through together on the other side to this crazy life as a party of Five we  now have.  

The entire time we were building this crazy life he was also building a career, when most people our age solely focused on career building, he was balancing family, making a name and building a reputation in his field. Finding a way to be at all the kids games, volunteering to coach and playing epic games of uno.  The drive was there but the timing in our family life just wasn’t quite right.

After more than a decade of planning and growing our family we have entered a different stage of our lives together.  So now it's his turn!

We have a tendency to take giant leaps of Faith, so its seemed to be the best way to start 2016!  Operation be your own boss has begun, and I am so proud to annouce that  
My Husband is now the Proud CEO, CTO, CFO  and currently sole owner and employee of  KarlaSoft Consulting.

This new journey is just the beginning, congratulation baby,  I am so proud of you!


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